Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures in Cluelessness: or, "Let's fly a Great Big Plane Around NY Without Warning Anyone"




Somebody in the White House needs a wedgie. A great, big, atomic wedgie. The freakin' Mother of Atomic Wedgies. How did this seem like a good idea?

Those poor bastards in New York. I can just imagine the sinking feeling people had when they looked out the window yesterday and saw a big-assed jet flying at low altitude around the city. That "Oh dear God, not again" feeling. The panicked rush to the stairwells, the trying to get outside before the shit goes down. Wrestling wheelchair-bound co-workers down 20 flights because no one wants to be stuck in the elevators when the plane hits.

What the Fuck?!

Update: Well, this took longer than I expected, but at least it happened.

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