Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Corruption in the Phoenix Police Dept: "Dis us, and we'll take all that you own"

This is unbelievable. A guy starts a blog critica (apparently with ample reason) of the Phoenix Police Department. With the help of numerous inside sources, he uncovers misconduct ranging from sexual harassment to evidence mishandling to racism to concealing borderline criminal activity. The department's reaction? Not an investigation.

They raid his home, handcuff his girlfriend for 3 hours and basically take everything he owns.

But we don't live in a police state: no way!

Spread this story around: don't give the Phoenix cops any slack.

Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

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Anonymous said...

About a year ago my daughter was in the hospital dying of cancer when some hoodlem in our neighborhood came through and shot up the front of our house with paint balls breaking our windows in the process. The Phoenix police never showed. They called me days later to take a report by phone. Recently however some called to complain about me parking slightly off the street onto the tip of MY OWN DRIVEWAY not blocking the sidewalk at all and the Phoenix police showed up and issued me a ticket. When I protested this ticket they came back and isuued another one to almost everyone of the street for various parking violations such as parking the wrong way on the road and so forth. Appearently they don't like to be questioned. They are useless and vindictive. We need to stand together to solve this corruption in a police dept. thats SUPPOSED to enforce the law equally and fairly.. What a joke.....