Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Buena Park FL Pastor to Rick Warren: "You're not enough of a Douchebag to get into Heaven"

A lot of hay has been made about Obama's selection of gay-bashin', bible-thumpin huckster Rick "I-love-hommasexuals-but-they're-all-pedophiles" Warren to give the inaugural invocation. Though I would love to see this empty practice abandoned, there are unfortunately many shallow, ritual-obsessed people in this country that would go into collective apoplexy if it were.

This man, however, takes things to a new level. He's publicly promising that God will punish Warren for invoking his name and blessing an Obama presidency.
"I pray He is kind to you in this punishment that is coming," Drake wrote in a widely-released e-mail. In it, the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park pastor criticizes Warren's "recent plan to invoke the presence of almighty God on this evil illegal alien," a reference to Obama.

Drake, who made last November's ballot as a vice-presidential candidate for the American Independent party, is a party to a lawsuit claiming Obama was born outside of the U.S., and is therefore ineligible to serve as president. Obama has a Hawaiian birth certificate, which Hawaiian officials have said is genuine.

You can read more about the American Independent Party here. Nothing I can write on this blog conveys their inanity as effectively as their own statements do.

HT: Guy P. Harrison

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kiva Micro Lending: Practical Charity, Measurable Benefit

Recent years have seen a new means of helping third-world populations better their living standards: micro lending, of the type done at Kiva. This is an easy and practical way to make a positive difference in the lives of people living in the world's poorer regions.

Basically, you open an account with the organization, and then peruse their list of applicants and select those to whom you would like to lend. These are generally people who have small businesses and are looking to expand or upgrade equipment. The amounts needed are small by our standards, but allow the applicants to improve their situations.

You make loans of as little as $25, and as the applicant repays the money (there is no interest), you can lend your balance out to others. The beauty of this process is that you can take a couple of hundred dollars and use it over and over to help out many people. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Drug War: Yeah, it's Working Alright

Glad we're wasting so much time and effort, not to mention ruining so many peoples' lives, on this crap.