Saturday, May 9, 2009

US Air Force Col Scott Turner is an Idiot

So now we know the name of the twit who decided that the public didn't need to be notified about the Obama administration's little Air Force One photo op. USAF Colonel Scott Turner, commander of the Presidential Airlift Group.

It's somewhat satisfying that Cabrera was forced to resign over this fiasco, but in the end, his wasn't the decision that fucked everything up: it was Turner's. Turner was the one who decided that the information regarding the flyover was to be for "Official Use Only", meaning that it would not be disseminated to the public unless someone specifically asked for it:
The White House report states that while some officials decided on “public outreach efforts” to notify people in advance about the flight, the commander of the Presidential Airlift Group, Col. Scott Turner of the Air Force, decided that the memo warning New York-area officials of the flyover would be marked “official use only,” and that it would tell government agencies not to disclose the event. Information would be provided, the report said, “only if asked.”
Sorry, but 30 years of service or no, this man needs to lose his job. There is no conceivable reason that a flyover by an empty airplane, which is equipped with high tech defensive systems and is being escorted by TWO FUCKING FIGHTER JETS, needs to be secret. The decision this man made casts serious doubt on his fitness to command a McDonalds, much less act as the pilot for a plane that carries the President of the United States and who knows how many foriegn heads of state.


Anonymous said...

ur the fucking idiot, lets see u have a shit load of preasure on you, lets see u fly air force one, oops u cant cuz u will cras and die. why dont you just go to col turner and tell that shit to his face.

Spidergrackle said...

Hmm.. well, I guess you told me. Whew.