Monday, March 16, 2009

Breatsfeeding in Public: Why is This Even an Issue?

A local talk radio ass-hat by the name of mark belling recently drooled some amazingly stupid comments regarding public breastfeeding out into the Milwaukee airwaves. He apparently believes that breastfeeding a child is akin to public masturbation (I'm not kidding: he describes the mothers as 'getting off' on it).

Now, I understand that this man, like most of American society, is rather manically puritan. I don't like it, but I know that this is the reality I have to deal with. An inordinate number of my fellow citizens believe that there is a great caucasian sky-fairy watching our every move and taking a deep and rather disturbing interest in the disposition of our genitalia. Stupid, but unfortunately true.


(pant, pant) OK. Calm down.

It's a boob, folks. In the grand scheme of things, no different from an ankle or an elbow. And breastfeeding, rather than being "crude", as this half-comatose jackass described it, is actually a very complex and elegant method for supplying energy to a young human. And no more sexual than any other child-care activity. Only a sexually repressed, emotionally stunted twit like belling would find it a subject to remark on AT ALL. Sad to say, we have a large number of sexually repressed, emotionally stunted twits in our midst.

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