Saturday, November 14, 2009

Casey Luskin: "Nazi Evolutionists Compared Me to a Holocaust Denier! WAAAH!"

Haven't spent many bits on the Discovery Institute's ferocious attack squirrel, Casey Luskin, but I'm feeling lazy today, and he's pitching softballs in a ridiculous opinion piece in the Washington Examiner, so why not?

Anyone familiar with Luskin and the Discotards has heard the scientists who teach/research evolutionary theory compared to the Nazis, to Soviet and Chinese communists, the Khmer Rouge, bathroom mildew, and anything else negative under the sun. so when one reads this:
In his new book, “The Greatest Show on Earth,” biologist Richard Dawkins brands those who doubt Charles Darwin’s ideas on evolution as “history deniers,” even stooping to compare them to “Holocaust deniers.”

One thinks this:

Casey, you are a pathetic, lying, hypocritical, empty-headed weasel. After you personally, and IDiots generally, have spent years and endless bytes claiming that ET was responsible for the Holocaust, you whine because your childish rejection of sound science is accurately likened to Holocaust deniers' rejection of documented history?


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