Friday, August 1, 2008

Preacher Kills Wife, Rapes Daughter: No One Cares

I'm hardly the first person to be posting on this story, I know. But there's a rather odd aspect to it I just don't get. Anthony Hopkins (obviously no relation), a charismatic preacher in Jacksonville, Alabama, had a problem. He was whiling away the evening molesting his daughter (surprising in clergy, I know), when his wife walked into the room and caught him in the act. For some reason, she was upset about this state of affairs (sorry), and kicked him out of the house.

After wheedling his daughter into letting him in through a window, he killed his wife and stuffed the body in a freezer chest.

Now here's the problem: he's a preacher, and both he and his wife are well known in local parishes. For her to suddenly disappear without a trace might raise some suspicion in some circles, no? So how does he explain it away? He claims she died as a result of the birth of their most recent child and prays that no one notices that he never had a funeral for her, (or, at least, never invited any of his friends to it).

Turns out he needn't have worried. The other clergy and parishioners seem to have been singularly incurious about her fate. His pastor, after inquiring about it, was suspicious, but not enough that he notified police. Neighbors said nothing. If she had friends outside their home, they said nothing.


These are all supposed to be god-afearin', caring, old-time family and neighborhood folk. Maybury types. Watch out for one another and such. And no one lifts a finger regarding this woman's disappearance for 4 blasted years. Meanwhile, I highly doubt that the sexual molestation stopped.

Is this what Jesus would do?


The HardHead Fund said...

thanks for stopping by the HH blog - you have some good thoughts here


Enshoku said...

If I may say so... god damn it I hate people sometimes. I wouldn't blame the community so much though, as I'm sure I could get away with killing my wife in his circumstances, and not even have raised the preachers suspicions. Ultimately, the blame rests on our dear psychotic friends shoulders.