Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catholics Can Be Morons, Too

Protestants don't have a monopoly, that's for sure.

Melanie Kroll has lost her job with 1-800-FLOWERS. Why? Because her idiot husband, Charles Kroll, sent a death threat to Dr PZ Myers of UM-Morris from her corporate email account.

Now why would a nice Catholic boy do such a thing?

Well, it all started when a University of Central Florida student took a non-Catholic friend to Mass. The friend was curious about the host. The student, to satisfy the visitor's curiosity, tried to bring the host back to the pew to show it before eating it. He was then accosted by the church-police, who harassed him and chased him out of the church (still with the uneaten host).

Not satisfied with this, Bill-The-Perpetually-Offended Donohue and his drooling band of Catholic League sycophants began raising a stink, and, along with a lot of help from the "faithful" in the area, harassed and threatened the student, and tried to get him suspended from school. OK, that's the beginning...

PZ caught wind of it, and as is his wont, eviscerated the perpetrators on Pharyngula. Donahue's minions were alerted, and began sending PZ email threats. PZ posted them along with the header information, and the source of one of the more disturbing ones was traced back to Mrs. Kroll's account at 1-800-FLOWERS. HR at the company was notified, and Mrs Kroll's employment was terminated.

While I was growing up, it was taught to me that Catholics were more scholarly and introspective about their faith than many other Christians. What a load of crap. This is the threat at the center of this shit-storm:


what I would like to know is how did you even
get a job at a collage.

when you are obviously a moron.
How would you feel if nice folks starting ranting against
Fags, and atheist like yourself.

well sir, you don’t get to blaspheme and walk away from this.
You have two choices my fucked up friend, first you can quit your job for the good of the children. Or you can get your brains beat in.

I give you till the first of the month, get that resignation in cunt

Such a nice Catholic boy.

Never mind that the doctrine of transubstantiation is silly on it's surface: this is a person who is ready to commit murder simply because someone has rightfully taken his church to task for doing something outrageously stupid and cruel. Then, when he's busted, he blames the people who busted him:

However, this whole incident has caused someone who had nothing to do with the email to mr.myers,.a wonderful, sweet person who would never threaten anyone terrible troubles. Great harm has been done to this wonderful lady, without proof or a question asked, you just accuse, and assume. Wow and I thought you liberal folks were supposed to be the open minded ones.

It is my hope that since the mystery is now removed, and now that the Identity of the horrible person who dared write such crude things to the mr. myers is known, that the same people who put so much effort into harming Melanie Kroll, will use as much effort to right the wrong that has been done to her.

If there is any wrong-righting to be done, Chuckie, it's to be done by you. You, and you alone, caused your wife's problems. 'Course, she shares some of the blame for marrying an idiot.

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